I Need an Efficient Dentist in Torrance

When you are looking for a reliable dentist in Torrance, come to Mylena Ji DDS for a proactive and conservative approach in Torrance, CA dentistry. Mylena Ji has been working in dentistry for over 13 years now and leads her knowledgeable staff in a great direction every day. With experience and care, we provide full service dentistry services for every need possible.

What Services Does Mylena Ji DDS Provide?

We provide family dentistry for all age groups. As people age, their dentistry needs change along with them. Depending on the care provided throughout an individual’s life, some people may need more procedures to keep their smile healthy and beautiful. For children and growing adolescence, we provide services and information that will only build teeth stronger and keep them healthier.

We provide cosmetic dentistry for those who are interested in improving the overall look of their smile. With whitening programs, dental implants for missing teeth, porcelain veneers, and invisalign, any smile can be transformed at Mylena Ji DDS. The look of your smile is important to the way individuals feel and we believe every person should feel confident in their smile!

We provide emergency dentistry for individuals who have chipped a tooth or knocked out a tooth and needs immediate attention. We also provide services such as immediate tooth extractions for severe cavities, and root canals. If you are ever in need of an emergency dentist in Torrance, we welcome all emergency walk ins.

If you are interested in having a dedicated dentist for life, come into Dr. Mylena Ji’s office for complete care of your teeth. You and your family will be happy later down the line when your teeth are healthy and in great condition. Call us now at (310) 326-4691 for comprehensive dentistry services that will keep you smiling!