Has your giving spirit left a hole in your pocket? If so, there is nothing wrong with that! In fact, we are providing our clients at Mylena Ji, DDS, Inc., with a gift of their own. Receive professional teeth whitening in Torrance for a very low price! Just because you give, doesn’t mean you can’t receive. In our eyes, you should be rewarded for your selfless acts. You can buy one ZOOM! Whitening treatment and get the second for free! These treatments are normally $499 each, but with this special, you can get two for the same price!

Do I need Teeth Whitening in Torrance, CA?

Dazzle onlookers with your smile. Zoom! Whitening is a procedure that is performed in dentist offices all over the country. The teeth whitening procedure is performed by applying a hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth. As you sit under an overhead UV lamp for about an hour, your teeth will be transformed. With fast and amazing results, Zoom can help you reach your desired smile in only a few sessions. Depending on the results you want to see, the process could even be done in one sitting!

Instead of fumbling with whitening strips, you can get great results from our teeth whitening procedure in Torrance. Dr. Ji stands behind the amazing benefits of Zoom whitening system. She believes everyone should be able to experience a smile they can feel proud of. Keeping a white smile takes work to maintain. Zoom gives you the opportunity for a fresh start with your teeth. Not only will you have a whiter smile, but it will be a healthy smile.  We only perform the whitening procedure after our patients have completed and oral exam and we have taken the time to look over their x-rays.

We keep your best interest in mind regardless of the procedure you are getting done. Our clients that have experienced the procedure say it has worked wonders for their smile. We have confidence that you will feel the same way. If Zoom is not the best option for you, we can offer alternatives that will give you similar whitening effects. Don’t miss one of the greatest deals of 2017! Contact us at (310) 326-4691 to see if Zoom whitening is right for you! We are more than happy to answer any of your question or concerns.