Family Dentist Torrance, CAYour family dentist isn’t just someone who cleans and fixes your teeth. It should be someone you can trust with any member of your family. Whether it’s your elderly grandparents or your child, the right family dentist knows how to properly care for patients of all ages. That’s why more people are choosing the dental offices in Torrance of Dr. Mylena Ji DDS. Dr. Ji has continued a long tradition of excellence first established by Dr. Mark Habermeyer, who was renowned for more than three decades as a dentist in Torrance. Since his retirement, that same commitment to excellence has been passed down to Dr. Ji who has continued to the tradition of quality dentistry.

When visiting family dentist, patients don’t want to spend an eternity sitting in a waiting room, while watching Family Feud on a small television mounted on the wall. The dental offices of Dr. Mylena Ji DDS, makes booking an appointment quick and simple. That means your appointment starts when it’s scheduled. Dr. Ji and her knowledgeable staff utilize a comprehensive and personable approach to dentistry. Many people are hesitant to visit a dentist in Torrance due to a fear of pain or discomfort. But thanks to great advances in technology over the past decade, even the most complex dental procedures can be performed far more efficiently with a minimal amount of discomfort.

What separates Dr. Ji from other family dentists in Torrance is her level of the expertise in a variety of dental fields. In addition to providing trusted family dental care, visitors to the dental offices in Torrance can receive the following types of treatment:

  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Emergency dentistry
  • Senior citizen dentistry
  • General dentistry

Dr. Ji is also a highly-trained emergency dentist in Torrance. An emergency can happen at any time. Whether it’s a chipped tooth, missing teeth or extreme pain from a tooth ache, Dr. Ji and her experienced staff are available during the most difficult situations. Unlike most dentists in Torrance, Dr. Ji is proficient at providing dental care under the most pressure situations. No other dentist in Torrance provides more reliable care.

To maintain a standard of excellence, the bar has to be set high. After three decades of renowned dental care from Dr. Mark Habermeyer, his successor Dr. Mylena Jai strives to continue and exceed that level of high quality care. Your teeth are important. Choose the family dentist in Torrance with a track record of reliable and personable care. Book your appointment with Dr. Mylena Ji DDS, Inc. today.