Regardless how much you try, you can’t always be prepared to take care of an emergency. However, at Dr. Mylena Ji, DDS, Inc., we offer emergency dentistry for our clients just in case something out of the ordinary occurs. There is never a good time for an accident or an injury to occur, but we are here to help resolve the problem as much as we can. With our quick and efficient staff and advanced technologies we can provide immediate attention for a full range of dental services in Torrance, CA.

We have a large portfolio of experience dealing with critical injuries, so we can easily perform comprehensive emergency care for you as well. A few of the dental emergencies we have successfully handled includes the following:

  • Tooth loss or dental trauma from falling
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Emergency tooth extractions
  • Root canals
  • Recementing or bonding crowns and veneers

Though emergency dental care is a well-known practice, not every dentist provides these services. Every minute counts when you are in the middle of a dental crisis. You want to make sure you are going to a dentist that offers emergency services before heading their direction. By finding a dentist that provides emergency dental care before an emergency occurs, you can save a lot of time and stress.

If you want the comprehensive emergency care you deserve, choose Mylena Ji DDS for your emergency dentist in Torrance. Dr. Ji is licensed in cosmetic dentistry as well, so she can make sure your smile will look the way it did before the injury. Contact our offices at (310) 326-4691 to learn more about our services!