When thinking of the perfect dentist in Torrance, CA what comes to mind? Is it the service they provide to the community? Is it the smiling faces that you see every six months who know you by name? Or is it the clean feeling you have when leaving the office? Whatever it is that makes you think of a great dentist in Torrance, CA, our office offers you everything your ideal dentist office would provide you with.

Mylena Ji DDS, Inc. originated from a dentist in Torrance, CA who makes sure that everyone who visits gets the best service they deserve. When completing each and every one of our dental services we make comfort and hygiene our top priority. The general services offered include but are not limited to: fillings cavities, dental cleanings, dental bonding, and teeth whitening. With these services, everyone is guaranteed their cleanest and whitest smile.

If you are visiting the dentist for more intensive services, we make it our goal at Dr. Mylena Ji DDS, Inc. to assist you in getting the most healthy and appealing smile. When our neighbors choose us to meet their dentistry needs, we take pride in our work. We hope our clients know that as a local dentist in Torrance, CA, we provide the highest amount of care compared to the surrounding dental offices.

We know that there are people that neglect their teeth and do not visit the dentist in Torrance, CA as often as they should. The most apparent reasons they neglect their teeth is because visiting the dentist can be an inconvenience to them in cost and in time. We try to be open so no matter what time you are available, you have time to visit the dentist in Torrance, CA. We are open on Saturday from 9am-1pm by appointment so no matter your schedule during the week, you can make an appointment on your time off.

If money is the issue keeping our clients from visiting the dentist in Torrance, CA, we offer CareCredit. Our clients who need help financing their treatments will not have to pay up-front costs or pre-payment penalties. With minimum monthly payments our clients can receive the dental work they need without breaking the bank.

Without the stress of money or time it is easy to visit the dentist. Contact us today at (310) 326-4691 to schedule an appointment at your local dentist in Torrance, CA. We are dedicated to treating our neighbors with the best dental service around.